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RAVEN ON - SPecial one-off performance in Sydney!

Game of Thrones recapper Natalie Bochenski is not ready for her favourite series to end. So she’s bringing nine years of fangirl devotion to the stage to get final-season fit. Relive heroic moments and tragic events, speculate on who will ultimately win the Iron Throne, find out just how badly Natalie embarrassed herself in front of Khal Drogo one time, and discover why Jon Snow is Natalie’s ultimate fantasy man.

ONE SHOW ONLY - Sunday 14 April - 6.30pm - Old 505 Theatre, Newtown - Tickets $30

"If the Mountain, the Kingslayer and an army of snow zombies tried to beat Natalie Bochenski at recapping and riffing on Game of Thrones, she would burn them down to tiny, smoking piles of dragon poop." - John Birmingham

"Her comedy is not only funny, it’s clever." - Scenestr

"A warmth and honesty that is delightful and engaging." - TheatreHaus

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Never let go.

Strap on your life jacket and get ready to board this shameless comedic homage to the most epic romance of the 90s.

Join aristocratic Rose and lowborn Jack as they discover love, loss and a lack of lifeboats onboard the “unsinkable” ocean liner.

There’s a rogue iceberg out for revenge, and (spoilers!) not everyone will survive. But if you’re lucky, you might get to have sex in a car.

Warning: contains Hollywood-ish special effects, that awful Celine Dion song and jokes about Billy Zane’s career.

After delighting Brisbane audiences in 2016, Act/React is thrilled to set sail once more on Titanic:The Movie, The Play, as part of the 2019 Anywhere Festival.

Titanic: The Movie, The Play is a spectacular disaster and an absolute scream of a show that will have tears rolling down your face as the ship starts to sink.” – SCENESTR

“If you loved Titanic, you’ll love this show. If you hated Titanic, you’ll love this show. If you’ve never seen Titanic, you’ll love this show. If there’s even the tiniest scrap of your soul that wants to enjoy itself, you’ll love this show.” – CREATIVE DRINKS


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Act/React is a Brisbane-based company specialising in pop culture-inspired performances, interactive and site-specific theatre and comedy. We have performed at the Brisbane Powerhouse, the Brisbane Comedy Festival, the Wonderland Festival, the Anywhere Theatre Festival, Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and Newcastle Fringe. We are always excited to talk about our works, which range from large-scale site specific performance, to smaller boutique comedy shows.

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